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CL-Patterns (150 Patterns)

Processing’s functions help to keep the code organized. When writing longer programs they can become very difficult to comprehend. Functions are important to keep the code easy to understand, re-use and to modify.

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C-Clocks (100 Clocks)

Processing can read the value of the computers clock. As a follow up on exercise 2, page 249, Processing, A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists, by Casey Reas and Ben Fry I created 100 Clocks that communicate the passage of time through graphical quantity rather than numerical symbols. I divided them in five groups of each 20 clocks: Circles, Grids, Lines, Objects and Rectangles.

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Generative Design Variations Programs

Practicing Processing with Hiroshi Kawano
Processing Software Puppet
Processing Shapes
Kamer 306, Room 306
Zombies en Fundamentalisten
Processing, Ben Fry, Casey Reas
Animation-film, Fantasy in Orbit
Buy Fantasy in Orbit