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Fantasy in Orbit DVD Cover

DVD Fantasy in Orbit | 15 Euro

PAL, English Subtitles, 45 Minutes

In 1962 Philips asked Tom Dissevelt to compose an entire LP of electronic music. This LP project (14 tracks) was originally called ‘CheckPoints’. The tunes had titles like: Mexico, Africa, Pacific or Australia. However, with the success of Dick Raaijmakers ‘Song of the Second Moon’ in mind, Philips wanted an album that would appeal to the current popular curiosity about outer space. Upon its release in 1964, the LP was renamed to Fantasy In Orbit.
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If you want to buy one or more DVD’s send us an E-mail: kamer306 (at) We will take care that you recieve your order within a few days.

kamer306 DVD Cover

DVD Kamer 306 | 15 Euro

PAL, Dutch, English Subtitles, 70 Minutes

From 1956 to 1960 the Philips Research Laboratories (NatLab) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, enjoyed an exeptional development. At the instignation of Walter Maas, from the Gaudeamus Foundation, Roelof Vermeulen, head of the accoustic team at Philips Research, agreed to set up an electronic music studio. This documentary examines the background and motives of the composers and technicians involved in this unique development.
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DVD Kamer 306 Extras | 15 Euro

PAL, Dutch, English Subtitles, 70 Minutes

The DVD contains three short documentaries: Tom Dissevelt, the unknown composer. Kees Tazelaar, on tape/sound restoration. An interview with Wessel de Jonge about a possibility to rebuild the Philips Pavilion in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It also contains one short film: Dick Zingt (in which Dick Raaijmakers sings). And finally two animation films: Pianoforte, and the restored film Variations Électroniques.
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