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Practicing with Hiroshi Kawano

After finishing the 2D Animation and Interaction Course of Andrew Glassner I continued my practicing with Processing. Although I am using Processing for my work for four years I thought this would be the right moment to go a bit deeper into the language. I noticed from the past eight weeks that I needed a lot of time to get used to the tools Andrew Glassner told me about. But I needed also a lot of time to think of a graphic theme each week. I would like to avoid that for the coming weeks. I have read a few articles about the Japanese philosopher Hiroshi Kawano. He was one of the most important pioneers in the conquest of computer technology for the arts. As a tribute to Hiroshi Kawano’s work and research I will use his piece of art as a vehicle to make several small projects. In that way I don’t have to define all graphics every week from scratch. Beside of that I can better concentrate on programming issues in stead of design issues. This page containes the Processing examples I made. If you click on an image than the linked project will open. The Processing sketch will run and you will be able to check the code. If you would like to read and see the sketch in context with the design process click on the following link to enter my blog about all this.


Link to W10_01_01.js Link to W10_02_01.js Link to W10_03_01.js Link to W10_03_02.js Link to W10_04_01.js
Link to W10_04_02.js Link to W11_01_02.js Link to W11_02_02.js Link to W11_03_03.js Link to W12_01_05.js
Link to W13_01_06.js Link to W13_02_01.js Link to W13_03_01.js Link to W13_04_01.js Link to W13_05_01.js
Link to W13_06_01.js Link to W13_07_01.js Link to W13_08_01.js Link to W13_09_01.js Link to W13_10_01.js
Link to W13_11_01.js Link to W13_12_01.js Link to W14_01_01.js Link to W14_01_02.js Link to W14_01_03.js
Link to W14_01_04.js Link to W14_01_05.js Link to W14_01_06.js Link to W14_02_02.js Link to W14_03_01.js
Link to W15_01_03.js Link to W15_02_02.js Link to W15_03_02.js Link to W15_04_03.js Link to W15_05_03.js
Link to W15_06_04.js Link to W15_07_02.js Link to W15_08_03.js Link to W15_09_02.js Link to W15_10_01.js
Link to W16_01_01.js Link to W16_02_01.js Link to W16_03_01.js Link to W16_04_01.js Link to W16_04_02.js
Link to W16_04_03.js Link to W16_04_04.js Link to W16_04_05.js Link to W16_04_06.js Link to W16_05_01.js
Link to W16_05_02.js Link to W16_06_01.js Link to W16_06_02.js Link to W16_07_01.js Link to W16_07_02.js
Link to W16_07_03.js Link to W16_07_04.js Link to W16_07_05.js