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C-Clocks (100 Clocks)

Processing can read the value of the computers clock. As a follow up on exercise 2, page 249, Processing, A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists, by Casey Reas and Ben Fry I created 100 Clocks that communicate the passage of time through graphical quantity rather than numerical symbols. I divided them in five groups of each 20 clocks: Circles, Grids, Lines, Objects and Rectangles.

C-Clocks Circles

First start was to get away from the analogue clock idea. I introduced the milliseconds, beside the seconds, minutes and hours. But because it is difficult to animate milliseconds I had to skip them later. Also interesting that by using circles you can actually generate rectangles. A few proposals with minute and second-tics stayed while leaving that idea in a few versions later. Also tried some versions in which you totally get lost with the clock idea. You might have no idea what seconds, minutes or hours are visualized.

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