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The Source

As a composer at the Acoustic Group in the Philips NatLab Dick Raaijmakers tells about the years 1956-1960. At that time his chef, ir. Roelof Vermeulen, was obsessed with the idea that electronics should serve the ordinary people that cannot afford art. They deserved to get some possibility at home. For instance you press a button and you get a concert hall in your house.

Compositional needs

Kees Tazelaar, composer, producer and Head of the Institute of Sonology, states that electronic music is music that arose from a compositional need at a certain moment in music history. Not because composers had enough of violins so lets take a synthesizer for a change. The reason was because a compositional representation arose that was not realizable with traditional instruments but it was with electronics.

New possibilities

Erwin Roebroeks, Art scientist and musicologist, states that with using electronic devices you get new possibilities and a range of sounds that you can use. But seen from an audience, it gave a few problems at the beginning. People reacted strongly against this type of music.

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