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Henk Lamers
Charlotte van Bourbonhof 16
5611 HZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Kvk 17173364

iPhone +31 0639 837 002
email: mailto (at)


The goal for Loftmatic is to consider each project a challenge to re-think, re-investigate and interpret all given details pertaining to that project. Loftmatic’s picture- and sound projects are based on new digital technologies and by means of virtual or live cooperation with others. As a result the project team can change project by project.


We create animations and documentaries with customers. But we also initiate our own animations and documentaries. For our customers we create video reports and presentations. Our documentaries and animation films cover a wide range of specific subjects from history until events of today.


Music and sound is created to support the animation films and documentaries for our clients or our own productions. We also create experimental sound and music which result in various productions.


In the past twenty years we have gathered experience in creating visual interfaces for: Electronic Program Guides, Car Navigation Systems, TV-Interfaces, Displays for Copiers and Printers, Mobile Phones, DVD, Audio Products, Medical Systems and Web Design. These Visual Interfaces were created for Océ Research and Development, Philips Design and Philips Research (Eindhoven, Redhill (UK) and Briarcliff (USA). They were developed in close cooperation with a team of specialists.

Graphic Design

Since 1974 we have been working in the graphic design industry. Our expertise covers: identity design web design, type design, digital imaging and design research.


For our animation films and documentaries we create specific photography. We are building our own stock photography library.


From 1988 onwards we have been working in the area of design research. At first in typography and userinterfaces followed by audio and programing design.

Stichting TimeCode

The goal of the Stichting TimeCode is to raise funding for our projects and events in the area of art- and multimedia projects.

Henk Lamers

2005 | Today
Loftmatic, Eindhoven
Film, Sound, Interfaces, Graphics,
Photography, Research

1996 | 2004
Philips Design, Eindhoven
Senior Consultant Strategic Design

1995 | 1996
Océ Research & Development, Venlo
Typographic and Screen Graphic Designer

1992 | 1995
Océ Advertising & Sales Promotion, Venlo
Art Director

1988 | 1992
Océ Research & Development, Venlo
Typographic Designer

1987 | 1988
Freelance, Eindhoven
Graphic Designer

1985 | 1987
Open Universiteit, Heerlen
Typographic Designer

1984 | 1985
Freelance, Amsterdam
Designer and Writer

1979 | 1984
Total Design, Amsterdam
Graphic Designer

1975 | 1979
Kothuis Art Team, Eindhoven
Graphic Designer

1974 | 1975
Uniepers, Amsterdam
Graphic Designer and Illustrator